Capturing New Zealand’s Landscape

Both of New Zealand’s magnificent islands have a wide range of photographic opportunities to take advantage of, making it easier to find inspiration. But what to do with that inspiration once you see it? You can either let it slip away or capture it. Ensure that you have the photographic skills and knowledge to capture that perfect moment when it strikes you. This website will give you an understanding of professional photography techniques, as well as a guide to some of New Zealand’s most breathtaking landscape scenes.

Landscape Photography

A fantastic feature of landscape photography is its ease of access, as anyone interested can take part in this type of photography with inexpensive equipment. Of course, the more knowledge you acquire and the higher the level of understanding you achieve will result in a more exceptional quality of shots regardless of the camera you are using.

Once you have a solid understanding of techniques and methods, you can upgrade your equipment as you progress, and take advantage of the modern photographic technology that is now widely available. This site has sections on basic methods of lens and camera selection, lighting and film speed and more advanced techniques that include experimenting with shutter speeds, aperture sizes, and specialized filters. All of these methods can be useful depending on the scene or image you are attempting to capture.

Photography Spots in New Zealand

New Zealand’s North Island boasts an impressive selection of unique natural scenes including

Cape Reinga, the Te Paki Sand Dunes, the Emerald Lakes, and Mount Eden. These natural scenes are like nowhere else in the world and are a must-see for the avid photographer. Notable spots on the South Island include the Lakes of Tekapo and Pukaki, as well as the Alien Boulders of Moeraki, and the picturesque city of Christchurch.